New marketing organizations are created quite often. Each has a different product they promote and different style they employ. Vasayo is also on the list of new companies created recently, and there is no steady opinion quite just yet if joining is worth it.

You should always do your own research before joining anything new and becoming fully immersed in the world of business and marketing. One of the reasons many fledgling companies don’t last very long is the lack of good and talented leadership. Also, sometimes the product they are selling just doesn’t quite cut it.

Here are a couple of things you should consider before deciding for or against the company. In the end it’s entirely up to you whether to join or not.

The Vasayo Products

As all companies do – Vasayo is a company that sells goods to their clients. If you stumble up on a company that only allows you promotion through affiliate membership might not be as legit as you would want it to be.

This company, however, works in the supplement and overall healthcare niche.

The market for different vitamins and supplements is still massive and it would not be wrong to say that it is still growing in size.

People are interested in having a better lifestyle and want to have some additional help on the side too.

At the moment Vasayo offers five products coming under the umbrella name of Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals. These products can then are known as

  • Essentials
  • Neuro
  • Energy
  • Renew
  • Sleep

This way they effectively cover all areas of your day you might want some little help. It depend on your personal necessity and requirements, but most important aspects seem to be easily covered by the range of Vasayo products.

  • Essentials offers you a combination of vitamins for higher bio-availability.
  • Neuro is a supplement complex for brain energy and mental stimulus. It will allow you to focus easier. It will help you to study or keep your mental focus longer. If you work in a mentally challenging position, this is the way to go to help your brain retain some energy after a long period of time.
  • Energy is advertised as a healthier solution to energy drinks. Usual energy drinks have not only quite a high amount of sugar, but they also have different other additives that make them a bad solution for energy. This product will offer you more energy but since it’s made from all natural components, your body will not feel drained of energy after a short period of time.
  • Renew helps your joints and cells. It will help you reduce inflammation in your joints, and help you move around easier.
  • Sleep helps you get some rest at night not creating a habit or an addiction to it. If you cannot fall asleep, this product, coming in a spray form will allow your body to calm down, relax and turn off when it’s time for the lights out.

The Partnership Aspect

The company doesn’t offer a lot of information about their compensation scheme at the moment, but since you can join the ranks as a leader, there area couple of things you should know before you can be accepted. Your qualifications should include

  • Wisdom
  • You must be trustworthy
  • You should be humble and ready to be a team payer
  • Leadership skills are essential

These and other traits will take you straight to a leader position. However, if you are not ready for that quite yet, there are smaller roles you can choose from.

Brand partners are people who sign up as Vasayo affiliates

Qualified Brand Partners are capable of generating at least 80 PV per month and have active customers

Executive Brand Partners need to generate more sales and have more customers.

PV means personal volume and it basically means your personal sales. The higher the sales, the bigger the bonus.

Overall Vasayo Verdict

At the moment there is not enough information about the company, so perhaps it’s worth holding back a little bit. In the meantime you can learn just a little more about it by visiting

However, if you are feeling adventurous – go ahead and either try their products or become a representative who works with the products.

Make sure the products are being sold for a competitive price. If the products cost a reasonable amount of money you won’t be terribly out of pocket and it will be easier to sell them as well.